Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

Be an expert well-versed in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, manage complex improvement projects and pioneer the team under you!

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What's Included

  • CPD (UK) Certified Course Content
  • Hand on Hand Support from the Trainer
  • 14 downloadable resources
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Post Course Assistance

Training Key Features

  • Application of Lean concepts
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Manage team dynamics
  • Work with multiple levels
  • Project prioritization matrix

Skills Covered

  • Prioritization matrix
  • Leadership
  • Coach project teams
  • Process Improvement
  • Statistical analysis
  • DFSS tools

Course Curriculum

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16 Lectures

The third level/belt of Six Sigma family and the most exceptional level affirmation. The Black Belt holders are experts who are relied upon to function as a six sigma venture proprietor or pioneer and guide and coach green belt holders under them. A Black Belt ought to show group initiative, change management, comprehend group elements and dole out colleague jobs and duties regarding finishing the six sigma ventures. Black Belt holders are capable of six sigma DMAIC system, DEFINE | MEASURE | ANALYZE | IMPROVE | CONTROL and work under supervison of Master Black Belt Holders.

Six Sigma Black Belt possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of the Lean Six Sigma Method including a high-level of competence in the subject matters contained within the phases of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) as defined by the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

A person with Six Sigma certification has problem-solving abilities. Someone may gain Green Belt, Black Belt or Master Black Belt certification. The higher certification one attains, the more is the ability to solve complex organizational problems. Six Sigma certification is a process of individual’s knowledge validation using a classification system, generally referred to as “Belts” ( Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt & Master Black Belt ) This verification test individual commands over six sigma methodology and tools. The belt classification shows the position these certified individuals would occupy in an organizational structure and job roles.

This program develops your expertise in productivity and excellence with hands-on knowledge by Master Black Belt Experts. Learn practical applications in quality projects, Lean, DFSS, and DMAIC. Gain in-depth knowledge and critical skills of Lean Management, Six Sigma Green Belt, Minitab, and Six Sigma Black Belt.

What do you do to get the Six Sigma Black Belt certificate?

Our Six Sigma Black Belt training consists of a number of components:

  1. Training: in an intensive training program you learn the background of Lean and Six Sigma and we put what we have learned into practice with different simulations.
  2. Extra: With our Body of Knowledge and whitepapers you place what you have learned in a theoretical framework. The program also contains various homework assignments, in which we focus, among other things, on the use of MINITAB PRO.
  3. Follow-up: During the training, you will receive an access code to an e-learning module. You can pass the substance again in an interactive way.
  4. Exam: On the last training day you will make the (CLSSBB) Black Belt exam. If you succeed, you will immediately receive the official Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
PARTICULARS Duration (Hours)
1. Define Phase 27
2. Measure Phase 19
3. Analyse Phase 31
4. Improve Phase 28
5. Control Phase 35
Total Duration 140 (Hours)

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Detailed Course Outlines

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Course Benefits

  • Demonstrates one’s ability to integrate Lean Six Sigma as a long-term continuous improvement philosophy in their organizations.
  • Gives cutting-edge value to professional data.
  • Demonstrate various leadership roles and responsibilities.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of all components and techniques used in project management.
  • Demonstrate team leadership and understand team dynamics.
  • Demonstrates one’s ability to apply Enterprise-wide high-complex DMAIC projects.
  • The Training enhances your skills and enables you to perform roles like Quality Manager, Quality Analyst, Finance Manager, Supervisor, Quality Control, etc.
  • Improves job performance.


On successful completion of the course and course requisites, the candidate will receive Internationally recognized Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

This course offers Six Sigma Certification Validation Tool for Employers

Your Six Sigma Certification Validation Tool   can be used by employers, clients and other stakeholders to validate the authenticity of your Six Sigma Certifications you have received.

Learning Modes & Pricing Plans

Self-Paced Learning

3150.00 AED

  • Lifetime access to high-quality self-paced eLearning content curated by industry experts
  • Case Studies to perfect the skills learnt
  • Simulation test papers for self-assessment
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support


4450.00 AED

  • Everything in Self-Paced Learning, plus
  • 90 days of flexible access to online classes
  • Live, online classroom training by top instructors and practitioners


10000.00 AED

  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Tailor-made and personalized learning program according to your current industry
  • Dual certification: IMC's accredited certificate + CPD certificate complimentary
  • Schedule training sessions according to your calendar
  • Direct project coaching and support
  • High quality interaction

Corporate Training

  • Blended learning delivery model (self-paced eLearning and/or instructor-led options)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support

Accepted Payments

Reviews & Success Stories

I’ve been wanting to get certified for quite some time and very fortunate to have acquired it from IMC. This new learning gave me a better perspective in dealing and solving business related issues in a most effective and timely manner. I can’t wait to commence and move forward to the next step, and that is the Black Belt certification...

Anthony Cuenca Smith
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

It was a great opportunity to do MBB with full support from IMC team and specially from trainer. IMC is one of the best platform for certification and enhancing skill sets. I would definitely recommended to my friends and colleagues.

Nitin Tembhurne
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

The twelve (12) days thorough and well organized training for PMP Certification preparation conducted by Mr. Prasad, the visual materials and discussion was very clear, interesting and truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed and learned the visual illustrations, which made the program, topic easily understandable. Mr. Prasad is very knowledgeable in Project Management, very clear when it comes to delivering the topics. He did everything to make the online class exciting, and I have learned so much from him.

Juancho Babol
PMP Certification Training

I think this is a great program to spread learning and make people professionally strong. Customer support is doing a good job in supporting us in every possible way. Something I really appreciate is the training procedure and I really admire the trainer, what a great way of teaching all the trainees. Looking forward for the black belt training. Thank you.

Umer Hassan
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification course were very helpful to the advancement of my skills and knowledge as I pursue my leadership role on various levels. It provided me with increased theoretical knowledge and understanding of the various tools and techniques in improving processes in a more data-driven and scientific manner. The training pushed me to become more critical of data and on the need to constantly work for improvements. My LSBB training and certification inspire me to further pursue my studies.

Elmer S. Argaño
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

Training program is very good and I will expect some more lectures to be attended which will be targeted towards more theoretical aspects which will help gain more insights. There might be some challenges due to online mode. But in person will help gain more knowledge. Customer Support: Excellent Customer Support. Training & Trainer: Training program was very good.

Sachin Shashikant Deshpande
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

First of all, I want to thank IMC for the self paced training in Green Belt Six Sigma. This training helps me to improve my critical and problem solving skills. This kind of training helps a lot in solving problems and conducting process improvement in a more efficient way. It also helps to boost your confidence in improvement processes. One thing i really like in this training is that you can go back to your previous module and study again whenever you forget some details. Also, those tools and examples are very helpful in making your own project. It serves as a guide on how you will do it step by step.

Cristalyn Gelilio Malolos
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

Thank you so much! I learned a lot regarding Process Variation and Lean six sigma methodology. The new skills and knowledge that I have gained is of great help in the advancement of my career.

Vener B. Velasco
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

The program is very detailed and updated and I like the time duration of the course especially for us who just do the program part time. I also like the resources being uploaded online. It is pretty easy to access and are very helpful. I like how the trainers also base their examples or their explanation based on the real world experience. It is very easy for me to understand all the topics. What needs to improve is just I think the audio of the recorded classes though it's audible but I need to adjust the volume of my computer from time to time. I also wanted to commend the customer support team as they are very helpful whenever I have questions about the course.

Tessa Lee G. Sansolis
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

The session was very engaging and participating. Thoroughly enjoyed and was enriching. The trainer could cover examples from various industries making the concept clear." Appreciate everyone's support and assistance.

Mohan Kumar Selvaraj
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified

This course offered by the IMC- International Management Consultancy is eye opener to a new personal like us young and even to the established business personal and any organization. The course has different level of course e.g. Green and black level depending on the depth of knowledge and course content. So this training will be a true asset to all of us to lead a team in dynamic way. The faculty members involved in this course directly are highly experienced academically and experienced in their respective fields of management and have been consultant to many famous business group/ organization in worldwide. The teaching/ guiding process of faculties involved is highly appreciable. So,i request all to join the course conducted by IMC.

Meera Aryal Koirala
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified
January Combo Offer